DOA5LR: Akira (Verity) vs Honoka XBL


Oct 5, 2015 at 2:10 AM
Posted by Radiance
GT: XOF Verity 105
KIK: SurrenderX

I've taken a small break over the few weeks to recollect myself; I decided to give Akira a try. What inspired me to play this character are his solid all around tools. He doesn't have to be played flashy, imo to me he's all about fundamentals (footsies, spacing, punishment, adaption). While he has oki setup's to be flashy and in your face, i'm not worried about knocking down my opponent and resetting the neutral game like I am with Phase-4 (p-4 has a good neutral game too but difficult in opening opponents up) or Rachel. His 3F+k, and 4P+K are excellent whiff punish stun starters. 3K as well will give you some advantage on normal hit, and WR 46P (if you have the skill) and lead to are hard knock down or wall splat.

This was a bad match for me, I have a i10 jab that plus on hit/block but I let this guy free cancel numerous times on me, not to mention I dropped several combo's and my oki setup's.
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