I think it also works when you hit spectator mode against other players. When they get knocked off cliff ordinarily, they get the brighter stage and not the dim one.

But if the lighting of the stage is showing the brighter one just from viewing at the top, then it's likely to be the default version. Which is odd since regular off cliffs take you to the dim one. I'm unsure on which on which is the true one or unknown if the lighting of either one was intentional to be added to the game.
I was looking more into this, and I found that if you look off the edge of the roof, the lighting for the stage at the bottom is coming from the moon. I wonder if that's supposed to be the actual lighting?
i'm more worried about stage clipping, the ground is not solid like it use to be
Neat find! I honestly like the special throw lighting better, it adds some life into the stage.


Apr 17, 2016 at 5:05 PM
Posted by DestructionBomb
Azuchi bottom portion stage lighting is changed a bit when performing special throws off edges/cliffs. (Izuna Drop etc.)

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