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Feb 13, 2018 at 9:21 PM
Posted by Dee15gon
Heres a nice set of good online matches. I've crossed paths with Shotaness and goldandglory13 several times. Very determined those two are. I respect that. All of my opponents put up a good fight but king-kold187 and Edernightray_ were the toughest. They nearly got me.

Ayane (aleksandr98chan) vs Bayman (Me)
Hitomi (goldandglory13) vs Bayman (Me)
Bayman (Me) vs Lei-Fang (Shotaness)
Bayman (Me) vs Alpha-152 (o0kahjin0o)
Ein (ethan_187) vs Bayman (Me)
Kasumi (Shotaness) vs Bayman (Me)
Rig (B_Smooth2323) vs Bayman (Me)
Christie (king-kold187) vs Bayman (Me)
Bayman (Me) vs Alpha-152 (Edernightray_)

Human Complex - Fighters' Impact
Escape - Ehrgeiz
Grand Style (Lei-Fang) - Dead or Alive 2 (Arcade Version)
Cyber Fleet - Hyper Duel (Sega Saturn Version)
Vigaku (Ein) - Dead or Alive 2 (Arcade Version)
Hitohira (Kasumi) - Dead or Alive 2 (Arcade Version)
Go Straight - Project Zone 2
Night in Chicago - Tekken
Messenger From the Dark (Dural) - Virtua Fighter 2
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