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Nov 1, 2017 at 11:31 PM
Posted by Dee15gon
I planned on uploading this during Halloween. But I couldn't rush it. Sorry for the late post.
Do enjoy the music.

Akira (armaureddu90) vs Bayman (Me)
Kasumi (Whisker4_05) vs Ayane (Me)
Naotora (Djlopez21) vs Leon (Me)
Bayman (Me) vs Kasumi (Djlopez21)
Bayman (Me) vs Ayane (King_GoldChainss)
Tina (Me) vs Alpha-152 (asdhero777)
Honoka (Zexy_Aquarius91) vs Ayane (Me)
Zack (Me) vs Leon (vollmis1)
Bayman (Me) vs Lei-Fang (Rudio1337)
Lisa (QueenB0ssBr3) vs Ayane (Me)
Honoka (Zexy_Aquarius91) vs Jann-Lee (Me)
Zack (Me) vs Marie Rose (alangoesmoo)

Character Select - Virtua Fighter (Arcade)
Ayane - Dead or Alive ++
Human Complex - Fighters' Impact
Archeological Dig - Tao Feng
Miyabi - Battle Arena Toshinden 4
Tina - Dead or Alive ++
Orchid - Killer Instinct (Arcade)
Purple Down (Stage 1 - Remix Mode) - Borderdown
Green Shower - Street Fighter EX2 Plus
Can't Come Back - Under Defeat
Valley - Kensei: Sacred Fist
Ziggy Amusement Park - Project Justice
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