DOA5LR - Off Bounds Glitch (Azuchi) -Ver.1.5-

great find
I've found that bug a while ago too, but it was much harder to do and the movement was much more limited because the game would put your character back to the normal field in no time. But PC is a shitty port so I don't even get to try it on Azuchi :[
Woah, TN put a lot of effort in designing the stage. Wow. It looks like something straight out of Ni-Oh or the older Ninja Gaiden.
No, it's fine! Haha! She can go out of bounds with her parry. :)
Ah gotcha aha, I can update the description to a more working one if you want.
But, we know how to get them behind there without teleporting! Lol
Oh Bomb! Star and I tested it and, Phase and Kasumi can go out of bounds as well! ;)


Apr 18, 2016 at 3:15 AM
Posted by DestructionBomb
A out of bounds barrier glitch involving Hayabusa (or any character that can warp) to go off the stage areas.


Other sources of people who have found this glitch as well.

1) MASTER (Likely the first to have found it)
2) RH_Stealth (Found it by luck involving 3P+K)


Who else can get behind the barriers?

A: So far for testing:

Hayabusa - Yes

Kasumi - Yes (Requires timing on a corner near the fence to force her behind the fence with her advanced hold warp.)

Hayate - Yes

Phase 4 - Never tested (Someone mentioned that it was possible to get behind the barrier with Phase 4, however I did not test.)

Alpha-152 - Yes (Holding a very short ranged standing jab can force her behind the fence if she commences a high hold.)
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