DOA5LR: Pai (Payne) vs. Akira (Verity) 10/4 pt.2

Excellent Akira and Pai.


Oct 5, 2015 at 2:11 AM
Posted by Radiance
GT: XOF Verity 105
KIK: SurrenderX

Another run back with Payne.

Start up of the match we were respecting each other, both side stepping since neither of us have any fast tracking options. Akira's pp retracks vice versa with Pai's pk but I mostly would have beat it out with Akira's SS:p so we just played it safe.
This match I was trying to hold alot less frequently to avoid her throws. Still, I was getting clipped by her 2f+k, and 66+k which can be blocked if you have the reactions. (I obviously didn't).

1:04 combo drop was a WR46P attempt but I clearly don't got those (yet)

1:11, I beat out pai's 4p with 3f+k, I think he was expecting me to block then frame trap. Hit em with 66p then 666p, seriously, NO ONE expects that.

Several times I was getting hit by 6kp7k. I forgot that could be SS'ed.
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