DOA5LR - The Doge and the Impossibru

Awesmic: Impossibro already got you on that, really good soundtrack for both MI games.

samuraihachi: You're a badass samurai! And don't worry about it, that's online, haha.
@Awesmic, the first bgm is from the KOF Maximum Impact OST - "Infectious Love".
Also, @6:55. Can't believe I did that. :p I'm such a scrub.
That samurai is a disgrace to his famiry and daimyo lolz xD. GGs Dogeslay!! Hope we get to play again soon man. We get some intense matches.
Good stuff from you both.

Also, I know the last two BGMs are from Megaman X5 and Sonic Adventure 2, but I dunno where that first one is from.


Feb 17, 2017 at 7:36 PM
Posted by Darkslay
Recently I got to play against my long time bud, Impossibro. the chances we get to play are very far in between, so I just said fuck it and put as many matches as I could, a lot of them did get corrupted which made me a very sad boi but, nothing to be done there. Hope to have more matches in the future. GGs here.

Check out Akira_kazue/samuraihachi/Possibru_Samurai for more impossibru content:

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