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Bump post on this because people continue to ask the same questions.
I'm making match up videos now. First one was Helena, and the next one is Christie.
It's going to be focused around momentum, spacing, and punishes.
I'm in the process of making another tips video this week.
or if you want to see any other style of video, please let me know!
I've made it a point to continue these style of videos in addition to everything else I have been putting out.
FYI, for anyone who is interested, I am making a Leon one next
@Nameless Sama, did that tag work?
@nameless sama, the answer to your 6P question can be found at the 4:06 mark.
Unless, are you talking about the wrestling rope walls at bounce distance?
So if you perform any move with a knock back next to a wall, you won't have the opportunity to go for a critical burst.
So 2H+KPP will wall splat, and if it's followed by 214P+K, that will end the combo. Also, by 42P, do you mean 43P?
2H+KPP agaisnt wall + 214P+K + 42P + 66P+K + Knee , Knee , Knee , P + 3H+KP466P+K. Is this guranteed ?
I'm a little confused on your string. 2H+KPP is a knockback. Are you free canceling to throw a jab?
Great news, one question how do you think about this 3kp. 2hkp (p) 214 Pk 42p CB knee knee knee p 3466 Pk? Is this guaranteed?
The next video is going to help Akira beginners out more than the advanced. I'm going to do stuff like:
1. How to open up your opponent
2. How to deal with spacing opponents
3. Environmental and wall damage
4. And of course how to input the KNEE.
Also, on heavies, if i go for a throw in open space it's his 46T. Only time I do 64T is if it'll put them into some kind of danger zone.


May 29, 2014 at 6:51 PM
Posted by Sly Bass
Here is a new style of video that showcases some play style mentality and the kind of things you can get away with. I'll most likely do follow up videos as I come up with some new stuff. I have enough to make a 2nd video already, but I haven't quite started on it yet.

The background track is: Fukaki Umi No Kanata
By: Yoshida Brothers

I love their style.
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