DOA5U Ein (HajinShinobi) vs DarkLordArion (Ayane) 2

I'm so late, ihajinshinobi has shown me allot it's really helping me with being more impatient when i fight..
@iHajinShinobi thanks for the answer, it's right I had overlooked that strangeness.
@Kronin look around 1:08, he did P+K3 H+K. He used BTH+K while facing forward to put distance between us. Difficult to do.
What glitch? I saw the match again but I wasn't able to notice anything...
this what makes DOA fun to watch.
Yeah, I was like "Oh snap!" when I saw it mid-match lol.
Arion doing his glitch lol


Dec 17, 2014 at 2:20 AM
Posted by iHajinShinobi
Second set with Arion, using my Ein.
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