DOA5U Ein(Me) vs Hayate(Gurimmjaw)

Good match indeed. Hayate is very fun and I still need to get most of his stuff down especially combos.
Haha but yeah love me some spacing. Do a bit rushdown as well when I need to though.
Yeah I tried to fix it but it always says "Sit tight! Your edits are being processed." I hate yt's editing....

And thanks. Yeah punishing is not one if my strong suits.
Just a pro tip: NEVER use yt's video stabiliser it makes it all swervy and hard to watch.

Secondly, not bad Ein, you have alot of his juggles and combos down. I see you do need a bit more work on ounishment (something that I too need to work on)


Jul 1, 2014 at 4:40 PM
Posted by JusTheBest29
:ein: vs :hayate:. This was an interesting match. Since Gurimmjaw's playstyle is more spacing and he knows how to punish recklessness, I had to be a little patient and change my playstyle. This was a good game.
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