[DOA6 Casuals] Awesmic vs. LonesomeDevils / Taru, Part 2 (Sep. 2019; Ver. 1.11)

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Oct 3, 2019 at 3:48 AM
Posted by Awesmic
Part 2 of 2 in my set of matches with the Honoka player LonesomeDevils (Taru), based on the current version of Dead or Alive 6 to date.


Tokyo Tower Ring (Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs. New Generation)

Belly of the Beast / King Stage (Megaman & Bass) ~ Capcom Sound Team

Seijyun Girls High School Courtyard (Project Justice) ~ Capcom Sound Team

Metal Works / Shredder Stage (TMNT: Tournament Fighters SNES) ~ Konami Sound Team

Savage Land / Wolverine Stage (X-Men: Children of the Atom) ~ Capcom Sound Team

Open the Deadgate / Pai, On the Roof (Virtua Fighter 3) ~ Sega Sound Team

Tedium / Lion, In the Library (Virtua Fighter 3) ~ Sega Sound Team

Streets of New York (Maximum Carnage SNES) ~ Green Jelly

Danger (Disney's DuckTales 1987) ~ Ron Jones

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