DOA6WC - The Fall Classic 2019 TOP 8

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Oct 12, 2019 at 5:01 PM
Posted by deathofaninja
**ATTENTION FIGHTERS** During the event there was some technical difficulties when trying to make repeated connections for the stream. Because of this unfortunate situation there will be a few audio gaps but the action will still be shown on screen.

These are pool play matches of the DOA6WC Fatal Match Qualifier The Fall Classic. Players from all over North America fought hard to help solidify their spot in the finals.

For more information on the DOA6WC go here:

Top 16 competitors
1) Killyxx
2) Dregamesta
3) UGS | Blackmoonrisingx
4) FSD | Rikuto
5) FSD | Matt Ponton
5) Cyber
7) Last Boss
7) UGS | Bboy Dragon
9) JyakotuKurayami
9) VersaceVampireX
9) CeeJ
9) VirtuousKnight
13) Yincrescent
13) SonicTBgamer
13) Shinlad
13) Strangerinmytub

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