Dragon Guide - Jann Lee In-Depth DOA6 Guide | Part 2 (Dragon Stance)

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Nov 16, 2019 at 3:08 PM
Posted by Darkslay
NOTE: Dogeslay made a big oopsie with the video formatting last time, all subsequent videos will be in MUCH better quality.

Time for part two of the Dragon Guide. This time I'll be breaking down Jann Lee's Dragon Stance, how the stance works, it's application and some bits of tech here and there.

Head to the FSD companion thread for the written version of the guide and potential discussion: https://www.freestepdodge.com/threads/dragon-guide-jann-lee-in-depth-doa6-guide.8652/

Join the JL Discord server for further info and tech from some of the best Jann Lee players in the community: https://discord.gg/Zq9z5Pa

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