Dragon kick has upper body invincibility now

Nah, that was just a clean whiff punish, lololol.

Like other people have stated. Any move that does more damage than a WUK, can beat said WUK. There are no timing setups for JL to beat WUKs, but he just got lucky there. Happens more often than you'd think.
All moves in doa that have more damage than rising kick damage can beat rising kick if you hit them in the active frame, you will hit in CH and have the status of the move, Launcher, SDS, sLIP,...
Jann crouched the Ein punch which is an high while he was buffering 236K
and to beat the wake up kick there you need to trade its first active frame with an attack that out-damages it (8H+K=30, WUK=20)
and as far as the 8(h+K) is concerned , the kick actually does beat WUKs. just think of it as christie's 7k or tina's 4k . it's very strict timing based so chances for that happening online are quite rare.
well there is no body invincibility or anything there the guy just whiff punished u at VERY start of ur recovery which is not easily visible unless u slow mo it. go in the LVL8 cpu versus . alpha does the same thing but with her burst throw. u just got caught on whiff very early.


Oct 26, 2017 at 9:45 PM
it's the only explanation i can think of :/
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