I do play Ein for fun sometimes, so I can still take your advice :p
That would make sense.... I totally misread the title xD WOW I am dumb.
Ein definitely could use some work, but don't worry everyone starts out like this! haha I still suck with Ein xD

YOu need to space and whiff punish more, you're a little too agressive with Ein you're playing him like Hitomi which doesn't work with him.

Ein is about spacing your opponent and punishing whiffs, also 33T haha when you get heavy stun that's also when you lunge out the WRK 4H+K or 3KK combos.


Jul 8, 2014 at 8:51 PM
Posted by RH_Stealth
Ranked match. I'm trying to use 6KK a bit less, and to use the Bending Stance a bit more.

BGM is a segment of "Bass Creator" by Basshunter.
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