Ein's: Beginners Tutorial (DOA5U)

yeah you can apply pressure after a knockdown. he's pretty good at beating out wake up kicks but that takes precision. so I wouldn't advise a beginner to rush down after a knockdown. even as an advanced player it's not that good to rely on beating them out all the time. so moving within range to whiff punish after a knockdown works fine because there's no big risk for EIn in doing that.
by agressive I just mean applying pressure on wakeup via 236K, 2H+K, H+K to check SS etc.
It seems like we take the same approach to the character and arrived at similar conclusions. Would you say it's alright to play agressive with Ein once he scores a knockdown and has his opponent near a wall / dangerzone considering he picks up insane damage off of those?
This is really helpful, I used to main Ein in 2U and want to get back to maining him so this really helps me in getting back into his playstyle. I'll make sure to take this into the lab


Sep 30, 2013 at 10:48 AM
Posted by Allan Paris
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