Help me create the best DOA6 - Christie Pre-Mod Patch Notes **Text in the description modified and IMPROVED**

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Feb 28, 2023 at 2:19 PM
Posted by NyaMiyamaFighter
In a nutshell, the essence of the mod uses DOA4 gameplay philosophy as the base, while refining it with the elements and nuance of DOA5 and 6; and I keep these new mechanical changes in check and balance by remembering the simplicity of DOA1-3's straightforward yet robust combat system to create the perfect Dead or Alive game imaginable with the limited possibilities granted by this modding tool.

If you see a change you disagree with, be sure to tell me why so I can consider your point of view. I pay good MONEY to create these mods.

1) 214P
will no longer put the opponent into a fatal stun while they are already stunned.

2) 4P+K
will not guard break unless it's fully charged.

3) The last punch of 6PPPP,
certain single-hit strikes, and other string enders for all characters will put your opponent into a fatal stun ONLY if they low hold while stunned.

4) Break Blows
will remain unsafe on block

5) The Break Hold
will remain unable to counter high and low strikes,

6) The Sidestep Attack
will continue to push the opponent onto the floor near you so you can attempt to force them up.

7) The first and second strikes in the fatal rush string
no longer causes a fatal stun on counter hit or critical stun (normal hit???).

8) Christie's 6P
causes its counter hit stun just like everyone else's.

9) The Break Blow
sabaki will remain unable to parry high strikes.

10) Every character's reset throw
damage is cut in half. Consequently, her reset throw out of the roll will have its damage decreased from 20 to 10.

11) Her 8P+K ground pound
damage will be increased drastically just like everyone else's. Because she is mid-weight, hers goes up to 55.

12) Mid holds
will be restored back to their normal damage

13) The mid "Wake-up", "Rising", "Comeback" kick

1) Too many guaranteed damage mind games take the skill out of the game and make it not fun to play anymore. DOA1-Dimensions were not this relentless.

2) She shouldn't be able to get +10 from a non-charge if she can also cancel the move into her roll and reset-throw you. Too many mind games since she doesn't have to commit.

3) Don't get flustered and start spamming the low hold when you're scared. Use what I call "Foresight (fighter sense): A prediction of what will happen in the immediate future. Read your opponent's movements to find an opening, then COUNTER!"
**This is a reference to one of my past videos
Also, only unsafe and risky attacks will have this effect, not ones that are already overused.
This mechanic will encourage a wider variety of playstyles.

4) to coerce people to play the game properly instead of turning off their brains when their meter has juice. Most players I fight in ranked have terrible habits encouraged by this poorly designed game.

5) since I revamped the way fatal stuns work in my upcoming mod update. They penalize players for trying to abuse scrub tactics and offer more satisfying attack options to players who CONSCIOUSLY predict scrub plays. The damage buff to 30 will also remain the way it is.

6) Its damage is negligible (lowered from 30 to 10), so this sort of makes up for it.

7) You want to dominate your opponent? Outsmart them. That's the legitimate way to win. When people implement the fatal rush into their combos in ranked match, I just get tired of it and want to quit the game and quit life in general. It's such a stupid mechanic. Same thing over and over. Braindead and broken.
Actually, now I'm wondering if I should allow the fatal stun on normal hit since you should never drop your guard.

8) If someone allows themself to get hit like a fool, they should not be rewarded with immunity to stuns. They should be punished for bad defense and whiffs.

9) Again, don't turn your brain off because you have meter. Supers are supposed to be a fancy additional weapon in your arsenal to use competently, not as an obnoxious crutch.

10) because people tend to use these throws exclusively because they are too powerful. The combination of power and utility makes them the optimal choice in almost every situation. I still use Nyotengu's 6T. The nerf doesn't make them useless.

11) There needs to be a risk when it comes to lying on the ground for eternity.

12) because Christie's hold damage would be utterly pitiful otherwise.

13) has buffed power borrowed from the low get-up kick to help prevent it from being beaten out unintentionally while trying to crush the low option.
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