Honoka, Ein, Naotora, Marie Rose, Eliot AOT Stage Combos

Thanks! Yeah, and unfortunately [?] getting the opponent BT never happens with Naotora and Honoka as well, the fact that Honoka/Ein's H+K stun on a BT opponent is stance dependant (open/close) doesn't help either.
Good stuff man. I liked those Ein and Naotora combos. If only Ein had an attack that could cause a limbo stun or a reliable sit-down stun, he would be able to profit from those barrels more. Getting the opponent BT almost never happens with Ein.
Great combos! I loved the character intros leading into the combos, that really was awesome! I need a capture card so bad XD


Jul 26, 2016 at 4:52 PM
Posted by Nikotsumi
Every combo shown is guaranteed.
Even though these characters do not really take advantage of this stage compared to other ones (except for Marie Rose maybe), they still can do something.
Note :
- I couldn't get a guaranteed Eliot's Power Launcher with any of his combo enders.
My thoughts on this stage : MEH.

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