My Journey to Learning Leifang

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Feb 26, 2020 at 4:11 PM
Posted by IHeartGaming
#DOA6 #leifang #leigang

So are you thinking about trying out Leifang in Dead or Alive 6? Well you come to the right place. DOA 6 has many characters and one of the more popular ones is Leifang. She is considered a parry/hold fighter and a well known turtle. With Leifang having so many defensive tools it is a bit hard for somebody new to the series to take advantage of her. In the video I am focusing on starting with Leifang from scratch. You get to see people destroy me, followed by my frustration with this fighting game, segway into labbing, command tutorial, and combo challenge, and finally see me become a champion. So whether you are a DOA beginner, interested in the series, or are looking on picking up a new character; This video will work as a tutorial for Leifang. Also let's see how many chickens you can spot. We have chickens in the backyard and they would not let me record this DOA video without them cock a doodling or clucking.
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