This makes me think about the future of DOA5.
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As much as I like DOA & some of you don't like what they're saying, Raansu, HajinShinobi, Mr.Moon, Chaos, & AP are all right. Not about the being "in denial" part about playing it. I play the game because I always have & enjoyed it as a fighting game & wanna see the franchise do well. Ask around for that statement. But the game does need some work like all fighting games usually do. It doesn't have anything to do with balance. I can go play Mortal Kombat 9 all day. Or even Injustice. Even though that (MK9) game has fucked up match numbers in terms of the characters, the core mechanics are so good, that people would play it anyway. Now you might say "WTF does MK9 or other Fighting games have to do with this?" We're all bringing it up because they in general have core mechanics that doesn't bother the game.

Again, their not complaining for no reason. They love the game, but they're are exploiting problems each time they play it. I enjoy DOA5 & it's a good game, but a lot of you are only enjoying it because it's "DOA5" & a new game to the franchise while knowledgeable players are figuring out how the game functions. But we can only move forward & support the game as a community.
Oh yeah I have VF MrMoon360 (vf4/vf4 evolution/vf5/v5fs) =´) its the best fighting game in my opinion,but I still love DoA xD Im pretty good at doa at this moment, so I say I stand by my opinion right now, but who knows maybe one day Ill understand what u guys say
Raansu is actually correct about the game. I'm sure the things Allan Paris told Chaos are correct as well (I've known AP for years and he is a great mind in this game). I mean really, go to the lab and study Ayane for awhile and you see why. She does practically everything "right" in the game that most of this game's cast wish they could. I don't agree with him about people who choose stick around and play this game are in denial. It's everyone's choice to play it or not. The game does need to be better but DOA5 is still a good game. I have no idea how DOA5U will change this community. Will it change for the better or for the worse? The answer to that question lies on us, the community.

All I will say though, is that if you are going to play this game and support it. Then do it. If not, then just don't do it and go do something else. The choice is up to you as an individual but don't ridicule others because of their personal choice to play or leave. It really is unfortunate players want to leave but that is their choice.
I remember when I was like you Angelo. Defending this game to the core. Even on its solidity when I didn't quite know its core anyway. But then I became better at fighting games in general, and I find that becoming better in DOA5 isn't as rewarding as other fighters. I may never be a top tier player here for this reason. There is no drive to play a game that turns to guessing more often than it ever should. This game is not a yomi fighter. Its a random mind cluster fuck that constantly puts the attacker in a needless and taxing challenge. High-risk should calculate as high damage and not more guessing to get that reward. This game needs to be simplified so it can logically be played. VF5FS is a true yomi fighter if you're interested. (The string delays allowed in this game break it ALONE.)
I dont dare say ur wrong,Im only above average =´P ,but I do know that it doesnt feel random (guessing, luck,etc) when u become good at this game, I mean the more u try to guess the more likely u get youself in trouble,so -what I try to counter its what I see and not what I think my opponent is going to do-, but this idea (as u say) may change when u get to a higher level of skill, so I see your point.u guys speak a lot of doa3 3.1 but in my country we had doa3 europe, I didnt get a chance to know how good is the gameplay u guys want back so mutch
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Balance is not the issue top tier players have with this game Angelo. The issue is the core mechanics of the game are not solid. With the exception of a small number of characters the game focuses too much on guessing and too little on rewarding high risk. The majority of the casts tools cause resets or knockbacks that just loop into 50/50 guessing games and it's just simply not fun, nor logical. MvC3 and SFxT may not be "balanced" in the eyes of most scrubs, but the mechanics for the most part are logical.
I think Dr.Dogg left as well
if u guys think this game is unbalanced its because u guys dont know how to play the game (most likely) or u guys never played unbalaced games like marvel vs capcom 3 and street fighter vs tekken xD
I'm sorry, but Raansu isn't trolling man. It doesn't take a top tier player to see that Team Ninja has no vision for a solid game. It seems they are even incapable of making one now with these questionable balance adjustments. Its a sad realization, but it is there to discover.
We all gotta move on eventually.

Still say I went out better :D
Allan Paris explained to me why DOA5 doesn't really have any depth and how bad the core mechanics is (in person). Also, Ryujin is going to sell both of his copies.
Anyways, nice video, and good luck in your future endeavors.
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Uh oh, the defenders have arrived. Look around you dude. Top tier players are leaving left and right.
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One by one doa players are leaving while the few remaining live in denial.


Jun 13, 2013 at 11:59 AM
Posted by Allan Paris
A few things for Kasumi players. Nothing special.
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