Naotora Vs. low wake-up kick tech

Thank you! I'd say the 6KKK8K was my favorite visually XD
Thank you Zakku! Just tryna rep one of my favorite characters the best I can XD
Very nice tech. I Like how its a no-timing set up. Sick stuff
I did test it with record as well so it works. And this is just tech, all tech are only applicable in certain situations, case in point unholdables and FTs
Just a warning, the dummy will always cheat the system and wake up kick 1 frame earlier than an human with perfect execution possibly ever could, so you should probably test this kind of stuff using the record function for real results. I have observed that human players rarely tend to wake up in the neutral direction too, it's usually Forward to cover more range with the wake up kick or Up to delay it.
Thank you guys! Just sharing what I can find!☆
Nice find! I might use this later.


Jan 6, 2017 at 6:21 PM
Posted by KasumiLover
Some stuff I found the other night, Naotora's 6K string may be linear and easy to deal with, but what if you used it against a grounded opponent?? I attempted it and found that some of her follow ups are useful against wake up kicks! This video is a compilation of some stuff I found versus a low wake up kick from a distance, I tested this using the BnB combo 4H+K>236K~K since the pushback is the most optimal because of the distance, The final kick of PP2KK, 6KKKKKKK and 6H+KKK is also great to use since the pushback is similar. The stuff shown in this video is no timing so as soon as the 236K~K attack hits, begin doing the strings shown as soon as you can. I was able to do them consistently this way...these are risky so be sure your opponent is actually gonna low kick! Also, combos after the follow ups like the 6KKK8K are just freestyle, you can probably find better ones and use your own! :-D

Her back turned 2K also appears to have evasive properties against a mid wake up kick as shown, although the timing itself is a bit strict. If you do it just on the mark, it'll evade the kick and you'll be it perfectly and you'll score a nice clean counter hit!

I hope you enjoy my findings and find them useful, for the Ii Clan!☆☆☆
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