Nyotengu All Costume demo play DOA5UA

I'm gonna love her on the home stage XD
im liking the morrigan color
I'm actually okay with recolors for her especially with the wing recolors. I really like the black-red wings.
4P+K up close into a cancel actually seems like it may be worth the effort.
I think I like her C7 the best, I like the white wings. Also, I think Nyotengu has officially beaten Lei in regards to the amount of re-colours are classified as "different" costumes. They somehow managed to grab 3 costumes and turn them into 9.
I'm liking the white kimono and the Baltimore Ravens color High cut leg.


Jun 14, 2014 at 5:20 PM
Posted by Vigoorian King
Nyo's all costumes:
Custume 1 Kimono Black
Custume 2 Kimono Red
Custume 3 Kimono White
Custume 4 High cut leg Black+Brown Tights
Custume 5 High cut leg Black+Violet Tights
Custume 6 High cut leg Red+Violet Tights
Custume 7 High cut leg White+beige Tights
Custume 8 Catsuit Black
Custume 9 Catsuit Red
11     9     2,042