Phase 4's Last Round costume mod in DOAO

Thanks for the info @Kronin and thank you for providing the YT vid @BLAZE we appreciate you showing us the mod. :D
The author of the mod is the FSD user @usagiZ, that created a moveset for Kasumi Alpha inspirated to Phase 4, + two skins for the character (Synce's design and Kasumi Alpha's White & Red DoAD C3).

At the OP of this thread you can find a video demonstration of her moveset:

At this link you can download all the files for editing DoAOL (or eventually DoA2U) with the over mentioned additions:
I can't take credit for creating the mod I just downloaded it :p
This is pretty neat. I kinda forgot DOAO was even a thing, or rather, used to be a thing.


Dec 16, 2014 at 10:31 PM
Posted by David Gregg
Awesome mod that BLAZE170 created for Kasumi in DOAO. Thought @synce (the designer of this outfit) would like to see it. :D

(info) Costume mod for Kasumi with Phase 4 moveset from the first costume contest that will be in Last Round. Also bonus costume mod for Hitomi.
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