@Aven Kujo-Gin thanks, I played multiple matches to get one that was maybe more entertaining than a regular match (like ones where I ended up winning 5-1). @fiend busa that'd be awesome if they did that ^_^ I can think of ways they could pull it off.
This was really against the CPU? I thought it was a normal person. TN really improve the AI in this game.
Nice video by the way, it was one of the most entertainment matches I've seen.
They need to bring the doppelganger back in NG4!


Jul 20, 2014 at 1:36 AM
Posted by RH_Stealth
Gameplay is of me (C1 Ryu) vs Level 8 CPU (C4 Ryu)

- Metal Gear Rising: It Has to Be This Way
- DOA4/5 Lisa's Theme: Tribal Beats

[This actually took me a long time to do. To the experienced content creator, there isn't -that- much going on in this video, but I am not experienced. Had lot of ideas, I'm not the best with software, the video took a very long time to export and I had to upload it twice.]
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