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Nov 16, 2018 at 11:12 AM
Posted by KING JAIMY
Welcome to my Soul Calibur VI combo video for Ivy. Even though Ivy isn't the fastest character in the game, she is quite tricky to lock down thanks to all her keepout options and the strong pushback on her moves. Do you like a long-ranged character with fancy whip combos and strong command grabs? Then Ivy is for you and you might find this video informative and/or helpful!

In this video I will go over Ivy's most useful combos. This entails the following sections (timestamps included):

0:03 - Basic Combos
1:13 - Advanced Combos
3:45 - Lethal Hit Combos

The notations mentioned in the video have the following meanings:

1 = Down-backward
2 = Down
3 = Down-forward
4 = Left
6 = Right
7 = Up-backward
8 = Up
9 = Up-forward

A = Horizontal attack
B = Vertical attack
K = Kick
G = Guard

CH = Counter Hit
LH = Lethal Hit
FC = Full Crouch
WR = While Rising
BT = Back Turned
SE = Serpent's Embrace

Music used in the video (♫):

- Soul Calibur OST: Unblessed Soul (Theme of Ivy)
- Soul Calibur VI OST: Moon of Oblivion
- Soul Calibur IV OST: Immaculate Pledge
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