Soul Calibur VI: Xianghua Combo Video

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Oct 27, 2018 at 1:50 PM
Posted by KING JAIMY
Hello there! Welcome to my Soul Calibur VI combo video for Xianghua. Even though Xianghua doesn't deal a ton of damage, she is very evasive and hard to read thanks to her various feint attacks and stance mixups. Do you like playing mindgames with your opponent? Then Xianghua is for you and you might find this video informative and/or helpful!

In this video I will go over Xianghua's most useful combos and setups. This entails the following sections (timestamps included):

0:05 - BnB Combos
1:37 - 1A+G Combos and Setups
2:20 - Soul Charge Combos
3:16 - Lethal Hit Combos
4:19 - Critical Edge Combos and Setups
5:46 - Stance Combos and Mixups

The notations mentioned in the video have the following meanings:

1 = Down-backward
2 = Down
3 = Down-forward
4 = Left
6 = Right
7 = Up-backward
8 = Up
9 = Up-forward

A = Horizontal attack
B = Vertical attack
K = Kick
G = Guard

CH = Counter Hit
SC = Soul Charge
CE = Critical Edge
FC = Full Crouch
WR = While Rising
BT = Back Turned
Just = Just Frame
Lethal = Lethal Hit

SXS = Silent Xia Sheng
PXS = Playful Xia Sheng

Music used in the video (♫):

- Soul Calibur V OST: Virtuous Heart (Theme of α Patroklos)
- Soul Calibur V OST: A High-Spirited Tiger (Theme of Xiba)
- Soul Calibur IV OST: Tempered Soul (Theme of Xianghua)
- Soul Calibur V OST: Where Springs Not Fail (Theme of Leixia)
- Soul Calibur V OST: Venice Rooftops (Theme of Ezio)
- Soul Calibur V OST: Sleepless, An Untamed Beast (Theme of Z.W.E.I.)
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