Stage Transition/Dangerzone Camera Glitch Exploit

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Dec 23, 2016 at 9:07 PM
Posted by KasumiLover

So I did a thing: I found a way to exploit the camera in replays so you can move it around during stage transition and dangerzones. The scenery is actually very beautiful and expansive when you can view it this way, the second one is my favorite since it's my favorite stage transition and the music is beautiful. To save time, each stage camera display is about 30-40 seconds long each.

If you want to replicate the glitch, you'll have to carefully KO your opponent into a dangerzone and save the replay. Once the replay is saved, watch it and when your opponent is KOed, repeatedly and carefully press pause and then resume so that it's kind of like a stop motion, if you perform the glitch right and pause it at the correct time, the health bars should disappear and the game should still show the character and the dangerzone they're in, allowing you an opportunity to explore the arena with camera for yourself...if it however just goes to the win pose, you were a bit too late. It takes some trial and error but eventually it'll be second nature, keep in mind that some stages have more limited camera movement depending on the environment and the surroundings!
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