The History of Dead or Alive Guest Characters: Episode 1 (Bungie)

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May 30, 2022 at 7:47 PM
Posted by Awesmic
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Welcome to "The History of Dead or Alive Guest Characters", the second offshoot of the "Dead or Alive Lore Explained" series.

The purpose of these episodes are to provide the most comprehensive history as possible for most - if not all - of the collaborations with the long-running Dead or Alive fighting game series as well as its guest characters-- from a Spartan created completely from scratch by Bungie, to a fiery, fan-wielding queen of fighters from SNK!

Today's episode will be going over the series' second collaboration that is well-known by fans and meticulously well-timed during the peak of its own flagship series' popularity that needs no introduction-- Bungie, and the Halo series. Furthermore, this would mark the DOA series' first true guest character: SPARTAN-458.

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