The History of Dead or Alive Guest Characters: Episode 2 (Koei) ft. elfsongtavern & Kasumi Lover

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Jun 10, 2022 at 8:19 PM
Posted by Awesmic
Welcome to "The History of Dead or Alive Guest Characters", the second offshoot of the "Dead or Alive Lore Explained" series.

The purpose of these episodes are to provide the most comprehensive history as possible for most - if not all - of the collaborations with the long-running Dead or Alive fighting game series as well as its guest characters-- from a Spartan created completely from scratch by Bungie, to a fiery, fan-wielding queen of fighters from SNK!

Today's episode will be going over the series' sixth guest character as a result of Tecmo's inevitable merger with another third party developer, Koei. Rebranded as Koei Tecmo Games, the DOA series' collaboration with Koei would come to a head in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round with Naotora Ii as the representing guest character from the Samurai Warriors / Musou franchise.

(NOTE: Yes, I'm aware that chronologically, the Virtua Fighter characters came first. But due to issues finding guest speakers for that future episode, and the limited availability for the guest characters for this episode at the time of planning, I had no choice but to release this one first.)

This episode features two guest speakers in my place: elfsongtavern and Kasumi Lover.

In all my years in the DOA community, I haven't met a more vocal and stubborn Naotora player than elfsongtavern. Even when the odds are stacked against the character in tier placement, she continues to master the character unbothered in DOA5LR, and still plays the game on occasion to this very day, eventually ranking #1 in the online character ranking leaderboards on PSN.

When she's not hitting the books hard in college, she also does some DOA character combo exhibitions in her spare time, albeit they are few and far between. She even made a few short clips that make fun of her own main, fully aware of how grossly exaggerated certain iterations of the historic character truly are.

Oh yeah... if her name sounds like it came out of Dungeons and Dragons, you'd be correct. She's very much a D&D fan.

Some may also Kasumi Lover currently as APO Prince. While he's not as active playing DOA online as most, you can find him regularly on, where he shares tech and beginner guides for the characters he normally plays, including his main Kasumi. Among the other characters he plays is Naotora.

KasumiLover has hopes of competing in the future of the DOA series as a Kasumi rep, as well as a Naotora specialist alongside elfsongtavern. But his real passion as of late is creating mods for DOA6 on Steam, giving the players more to work with in terms of hairstyles and clothes for the characters, including old favorites.

He told me he always wanted to host an episode if Naotora is featured, so he got his wish.

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