ZeoRebirth (Ein) Vs Offbeat Ninja (Hitomi)

Also, I'm lovin' this display of solid Ein play from you, Zeo. Keep it up.
Offbeat has "always" been such a patient player. Very good fundamentals, reactions, defense, and amazing footsies. Same play style I've always been influenced to master as well.
I can tell from the rank that you didn't play the faker Offbeat Ninjas haha.

So I'm guessing you played Artpop, aalso did I hear a track from FFXIII?


Nov 5, 2013 at 8:58 PM
Posted by Zeo
I jumped at the opportunity to meet and fight the father of Ein players. Unfortunately I didn't get what I truly wanted, an Ein mirror with the guy, but the set itself was still pretty stimulating. He plays a very oddball defensive style and seldom finishes his strings before continuing to defend and.. bah you've seen him play for years you know how he fights.

I can tell he's still kind of getting a feel for Hitomi, he missed some things, threshold strings, etc etc but he's coming along. These matches might not be as fast paced as you like, potentially boring for some, but for others it might be refreshing to see two players actually putting some thought into the moves they perform and not just mashing buttons. I can only hope at some point I can get this guy to pick Ein. Anyway, enjoy the show folks.
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