ZeoRebirth (Ein) vs Shade Swifteye (Ayane)

Yeaaa this is that match where Eins 33K went through ppK lol
I understand that the reward is greater, but I just can't wrap the idea around my head. We'll all have to agree to disagree. I just can't understand it.
Nightpup, if you don't understand the benefits of utilizing a mix up from certain set ups (or Risk vs Reward), then you don't have to use it. If you want to opt for pure damage often, that's your decision. Players that know how to utilize their mix ups (in every game) will go for it because as the aggressor, you gain more than the defender would because your options are always greater than the defender's.

If a player realizes they can keep their momentum and pressure going by mixing you up often, they are going to do it (look at Genfu and Helena, as a matter of fact, look at top level play in SSF4 AE). Going for just damage is fine, but is certainly not the only way to get any kind of damage. Both routes are fine and neither are a bad idea at all. Saying so is your opinion, only.
The point is, you're leaving it up to the role of a die. It's NEVER a good idea to do that.
At the same time being overzealous will cost you.
There is a time and place for both. If you are only willing to take what is given you will find yourself in alot of situations where you say "If I had chanced this I could have taken the match."
This is something thats common in all fighters. Risk vs Reward. The reward for the mixup far exceeds that of the guaranteed damage in Hayates 236T scenario. Yes I can end up with less damage but if the reward is more than double that of what I usually get I'm willing to take that risk.
OK, and what happens when the mixup fails? You just threw the round right there. It's better to go for guaranteed damage and take the win safely.
If you have strong mixup that has the potential of exceeding your guaranteed damage I would say its much more worth the mixup. I can turn 56 damage guaranteed into 129 excluding wallsplat and dangerzones with Hayate off his 236T if I condition you the right way.
People make no sense. Why go for mindgames when you can just get guaranteed damage? It's a safer way to ensure a win.
I like the sets. Shade trying to incorporate part of my 64T tech I see, haha. n_n

@Sly: Actually, Tenryuga on PSN also mains Ein. And he's quite capable as well.
In this moment I play with Ein definitely much more than with Ayane that is technically my main: the problem is that sadly I'm not too much good with him in DoA5U
Everyone cried for Ein, but I think only you and Tech Rising are the only two to actively play him.
cool fights, keep rockin'
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