I'm Kasumi-Phase-X, I enjoy the DOA series ever since part of My teen years (especially when I couldn't be able to play it or watch videos due to the game's rating) saw it from magazines advertising DOA and what got Me interest the most (besides females & fan service) was the gameplay (from DOA4 when it was new at the time & when I got curious about DOA2 Intro which was from the regular Dreamcast version) which got Me interested with DOA when I actually rented DOA2 Hardcore (which DOA1-DOA3 were rated Teen at the time, where the only ones I can play or look), and played DOA1 for PS1 which I would keep playing until I unlock everything in the game.

I love DOA for gameplay, characters, amount of costumes, & fan service.

I was also part of another FGC community called Eventhubs, which doesn't provide as much content, details, or high level respect it deserves. Majority of their users look down on DOA when it came to the game's content, thinks these are reasons it doesn't have a high level scene, or just doesn't leave the game they don't like alone along with making up reasons about this game can effect your life/reputations. I've heard of this community from one of the comment sections when it came to where DOA has respect when it came to communities, so later on I decided to follow this community (along with DOA World) to get much more details & content when it came to DOA.

I'm a huge collector when it came to stuff from games or anime/manga that I enjoy. Including getting original copies of DOA (mostly PS1 version, PS2 NA release, Xbox releases) along with DLC content that DOA has to offer.

I'm looking forward to what FreeStepDodge has to offer.
Mar 30, 1992 (Age: 31)
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