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Hello, I am KasumiLover/APO & I love DOA with all my heart! I'm a nice guy, and i respect everyone, and give everyone a chance, only disliking anyone who gives me reason not to like them. I wish to get even better & improve my overall playstyle so that I may give other more skilled players the matches they deserve in terms of challenge. I hope to be as active as I can in the community, & contribute to help others. I one day dream of attending my first offline tournament & possibly winning!

I'm always willing to talk & love friendly discussion but I do not tolerate disrespect. I'll give anyone a fair chance, if I don't towards you, you either did something to me or said something to me that I didn't like so I won't regard you with any real respect.:)

How I discovered DOA:
I was 13 years old & was at the mall & walked in Gamestop. I saw a demo for a game called Dead or Alive: Dimensions, & I immediately went over to play it. I looked at the four default characters: Ryu, Jann Lee, Hitomi...but my eyes automatically locked on to this copper haired girl with a blue ninja dress: Kasumi. I instantly became enamored with her visage. Two years later I would begin to play DOA5 Core Fighters, & my love for DOA continues to grow! I'm happy to state that I've met a lot of great friends & players along the way(As well as some toxic nuisances..) & to have matured and learned a great deal of how the game works, most of it now being self taught. But as they say, there's always room for improvement & that is my goal, to improve & better get experienced at whatever game I play!

Current list of characters I "main" in various fighting games/misc. games other than DOA:
[°] means active[*]
[~] means inactive[~]
[°]Tekken mains: Lili De Rochefort, Anna Williams, Claudio
[°]Soul Calibur mains: Seung Mina, Sophitia, Amy
[°]Virtua Fighter mains: Pai Chan

I'm free to play usually whenever I'm on my consoles and if I'm in the mood. You can catch me on PS4 & PC! Please send me a message prior though so I'm prepared!

Japanese FSD page:
Feb 6, 1998 (Age: 23)
Richmond Hill, Georgia
Main Character
College Student/Cook & Cashier


"If by alright you mean threatening people with hammers, then it's not all good, it's need help xD"



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