1. deathofaninja

    DOA6 Guides and Move Lists from EVO 18 Build

    There is a lot of new Dead or Alive 6 content for the community to dissect and look into, including downloadable move-lists, more hands-on time from the pros, and even some guides that lead to some hard-hitting damage this early on. If you discovered anything from the exhibition or would like to...
  2. deathofaninja

    News DOA6 will be Playable at EVO 2018!

    Team NINJA has announced with the update of their DOA6 official website that the EVO DOA Showdown will be your first chance at playing Dead or Alive 6! This isn't just big news for DOA players, but for the entire FGC. This special DOA event takes place August 3-4th in Las Vegas at the biggest...
  3. deathofaninja

    Community Surprise! DOA5 is Coming to EVO!

    Team NINJA recently announced that they would be hosting a special side tournament showdown for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round at EVO 2018 in Las Vegas. While all of the details have yet to be confirmed for the event, the community has a chance to make some fuss for the franchise we love. DOA has...
  4. d3v

    News Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round will be at Evo 2018

    If there's one major tournament that many have hoped that Dead Or Alive 5 would have had a presence in, it's none other than Evo. Now, Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round is finally making it to the big game. DOA series producer Yosuke Hayashi and director Yohei Shimbori have posted the ff. message...
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