1. JJdude

    Potential Romance in new story?

    Now I know there are people who don't really care for it, but it's one of the things I do like. The obvious one is Hayate and Hitomi considering the history the had when Hayate was Ein. When they confronted each other again in DOA5 you can sense that Hayate still have a special connection with...
  2. deathofaninja

    News Dead or Alive 6 Officially Announced

    13256 A lot of us expected to wait additional years for Dead or Alive 6, but today a surprise trailer dropped that is not just some stupid logo tease, but shows actual gameplay! Team NINJA continues to bring out the smoothest graphics and best animation in the world! With DOA5 ending its...
  3. U

    Characters Hayate Throw Punish Thread

    :hayate: Frame Data Tier 1 (6i & 7i) :P::P::P::P:(:[[P]]:) (-2)(-4)(-8)(-11)(+3) (:high::high::mid::mid:) (NT)(NT)(NT)(NT) :P::P::6::P:(:4::4:):P: (-2)(-4)(-12)(-11) (:high::high::mid::mid:) (NT)(NT)(NT)(NT) :P::P::6::P:(:4::4:):K: (-2)(-4)(-12)(-7) (:high::high::mid::mid:)...
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