Media DOA5 Infinite character portraits

    Collection of high quality transparent PNG character art portraits from the Chinese mobile game Dead or Alive 5 Infinite ( 生死格斗5无限 ). PREVIEW: CHARACTERS LIST: NOTES: - There's a total of 469 pictures in the ZIP archive, the best 52 of them are in the album. Ripped from 8 different game...

    31 hits - 570 dmg - 8PP loop

    You can do some funny stuff when the stun threshold level surpasses its maximum, the game kinda changes rules. Not every strike in the game knocks the opponent down after a level 3 stun. 2P with all characters behaves similarly to Jann Lee's 8PP. I'm making the opponent hold every time to...

    Jann Lee infinite loop

    This is an extension of my "Infinite" backturned loop exploit thread, for DOA5. What's so special about Jann Lee's 8K? It causes the enemy to start a very specific stun animation which leaves the opponent BT. The DOA series used to have a tons of these, but they have removed them en masse...
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