DOA4 DOAD and DOA4 Fight Request

Looking for worthy opponents to fight in 4 and Dimensions. If we figure out how to get it working, we can use the Citra emulator if you do not own a 3DS.
DOA4 (Xbox) is not a perfect game, but as long as you don't make me play 1v1 Tag and we stick to Solo, I'll do my best not to complain.
I can give DOA3 another try over Parsec if you host; The original, as the 3++ combo system isn't for me.
I believe every iteration of DOA2 has the worst balancing in the entire franchise. Ein is not beating Hitomi if both players are at the same skill level.

Fighting noobs and below-average players doesn't do anything for me. I'd rather not play at all.
Use DOA5 and 6's tutorials to practice. Get comfortable with executing 10-hit combos minimum. Then challenge me.

I'm not going to tolerate DOA5-6's bouncy walls and unholdable stuns anymore. They aren't competitive and should have never made it into the final product.
Ein is not in DOA6, so no amount of modding at this time can fix the game for me. I'm not going to change Hayate's moveset to match Hitomi's. That's silly and selfish.

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of 3-way hold. But I prefer easy games to frustrating games. The lesser of 2 evils and all that...