DOA3++ Balance/Gameplay Mod


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Nice work, as usual. I noticed that one of the changes previously listed for Brad is gone now though.

Was that just mistakenly omitted, or was that change actually reverted back to 3.1.? Also, the .bin and .mot files for the Tengu edit aren't in the package anymore.
I reverted it back. Personally it's not a move I use very much, but if you'd like to see it back, I'd rather import his DOA4 PP2K than speeding the animation up.

Found some errors that I'll have to fix, I'll add Tengu's files back in when they're done.

Discovered that Kasumi's 9K grants frame advantage for some reason. Not sure what's causing that. Also noticed that interrupting Christie at specific times during her 3_K/4K2K will treat it as if you hit her while she was in the air. Pretty sure I copied the properties directly from DOA4, not sure if this also happens in that game.

But yeah, if anyone encounters anything strange with the imported animations just let me know.
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