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DOA6 Main Menu and Returning Modes

Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Jun 14, 2018.

By deathofaninja on Jun 14, 2018 at 5:49 PM
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    Team NINJA made a surprise appearance at E3 to reveal to the world that DOA6 is here, and it will be playable for the first time to the public at EVO 18. Though it looks like a few lucky people, largely from the press, have been able to play it before that event. Today a few more basic things have been confirmed to the game.

    Dead or Alive 6 Game Modes:

    Story - Even with the mixed reviews from the community and critics, story will be returning to hopefully clarify a few things between the ninjas and the newer characters added to DOA5: Ultimate and Last Round. Many fans do enjoy DOA's story a great deal and hopefully those awesome cinematics from DOA3 and 4 come back this time around.

    Offline Modes - These modes will bring back the traditional difficulty levels found in DOA5.
    • Versus
    • Arcade
    • Time Attack
    • Survival
    • Team Battle
    Training - This mode was great in DOA5, but hopefully they bring all of the content from Last Round back with more things to do and more ways to practice our moves.

    Online - Please Team NINJA fix the net-code! This has currently been one of the most requested fixes for the game so far outside of gameplay mechanics.

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Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Jun 14, 2018.

    1. KwonJigglypuff
      Do you expect any changes in Team Battle ?
    2. deathofaninja
      I don't know if I would... what do you think?
    3. KwonJigglypuff
      Would be fun to have an option to use the tag throws inside the team battle mode.

      You still choose up to 7 characters. You can do a tag throw with the next characters in your team. It's more like a 7 stock match where you can better manage your order as you wish.

      A little nightmare to make but would create epic and situations. Fights would be very intense.
      No tag gravity so it can be playable seriously, and all throws (even tag) do the same damage.
      They are just here for the visual effects. Tag throws should be buffed comestically, with the same nature of Break Hold/Blow, with slow-motion.

      You would actually start and end the match with an all group intro/outro, showing all your crew. Again, a bit hard and maybe a bit fanservicy, but probably "cool" in TN's eyes.

      Characters order would be visually displayed near the HUD.

      Imagine Team Ninjas (Kasumi, Ryu, Hayate, Ayane, Momiji, Rachel) versus Team DOATEC (Helena, Bayman, Christie, Rig, Lisa, Marie-Rose).

      Okay I'm done.
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    4. Project Bokuho
      Project Bokuho
      Quoted in bold for emphasis.
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    5. Seigen
      Before asking for a netcode fix everyone should make sure to have a fast, stable, wired connection; good netcode won't compensate for trash wi-fi that most of the online players are more than happy to use.
    6. GarryJaune
      yep,so many people prefer blame netcode to link a data cable
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    7. KasumiLover
      Yeah wired is better. It's why I spent a good deal on a 150 ft wire Ethernet cable since it saves lives xD
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      DOA6 button configuration + pause menu + Fatal Rush description tip
    9. CyberEvil
      I dislike that mashing the S button results in my needing to spend meter to get out of it. Being a high means crushes, holds, and just blocks prevent it, but burning meter to prevent mashing?
    10. illninofan
      As I stated in another post, hopefully the training mode is just as good as 5's was. With the change in gameplay, I know I'll need it.
    11. YEH
      Last edited: Jun 16, 2018
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    12. NewWestFan
      I'm fine with it as long as Fatal Rush costs meter to use as well. Even then though. It doesn't do much damage.
    13. Tina2040_

      I'm actually kind of digging the character select theme... but there's too much guitar. The synths are a good choice, but the guitars remind me too much of the old Smackdown PS1 games. Announcer's gotta change, sounds too deep.
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    14. King Anubis
      King Anubis
      These people can’t play for shit, no offense. all they did was mash fatal rush and break blow. The game looks really good though.
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    15. NewWestFan
      Yeah really the only thing I'm gleaming from these recordings is estimated damage for the new mechanics since that seems to be the only thing they're using. Plus this will essentially be how all the new players are playing in the low ranks online.

      At least it's a departure from: Get hit by Critical Stun > HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT
    16. King Anubis
      King Anubis
      Rank doesn’t really matter anything, it won’t in 5 and it won’t 6. Even high ranks suck.
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    17. NewWestFan
      Never said Rank mattered it's just a fun mode to play around on and see what kind of different people you run up against for me. Fun to see how many people actually let you spam OHs at them with Lisa lol Stuff like that never works in Lobbies or Locals so it's entertaining to watch people get frustrated by them when they don't know how to play.
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    18. UncleKitchener
      @Mr. Wah Did you see that? Was she walking around Kasumi's first hit of p+k? Would've thought that move had more range.
    19. Project Bokuho
      Project Bokuho
      I really hope we get a new one too l0l
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