New stage ideas for DOA6?

What are your new stage ideas for DOA6?

5s9gl.jpg A movie theater
183784734.jpg A basketball court
8T10.jpg An infinite field, like the Dojo stage

These would make nice arenas:
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Hmmm, stage ideas, let me think of something.

A big exoctic rooftop of a building with glass ceiling on some areas(in this case is the floor, since you're on the ceiling)., and like a big heliport n the middle, the glass parts are transition to lower roofs of the stage, each transition would lead to a different room all together, with like, one leading to a big corridor, the other to some business room with a big table, one with a huge Server, with a huge Nobreak filled with batteries as well, that would be an interesting danger zone, The default room of the stage, the ceiling that i was mentioning would have walls on all ends, and maybe some of them eletrecuted for more danger zones?

Throwback stage, a big lab with a bunch of giant test tubes, but instead of having just naked kasumis all over the place, you could have more people (clones of all the ninjas), the floor and walls being danger zones as well, and also, some screens on the roof and the walls that would show scenes of past games of the characters that are being cloned.

A stage actually inside the Mugen Tenshin clan, a stage with a lot of transitions and slopes, maybe with a rainy variation, story reasons, MIST invades the mugen tenshin clan with their army of phase 4..

A big, dumb, happy amusement park.

A really cool snow stage with transitions, blizzards and slippery floor.


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Alright, let's stay in Europe for now:

Chateau Douglas
, France.

A big, gorgeous palace interior with lots of mirrors, delicate furniture and statues to smash to bits and pieces while fighting. If you knock your opponent through the windows the fight continues in the manicured baroque style garden.

Hitomi's Hometown
in the Black Forest, Germany.

A market square in a quaint timber frame town. You can smash all stuff on the market, like stalls and flower pots, and even smash your opponent through shop windows or timber frame walls to continue fighting inside the houses.

Frozen Lake, somewhere in Russia.
An infinite stage in the middle of a frozen lake. It is very slippery. There are some randomely placed holes in the ice and if a fighter gets kicked off into one he/she has lost the round.

The Graveyard in the Highlands of Scotland, UK.
An eerie graveyard with lots of tombstones and statues to smash the opponent into or to knock the opponent over. (Easter egg: One of the tombstones has a butterfly symbol and Lisa Hamilton's name on it. XD) If you smash the opponent through the church ruin windows the fight continues in there:

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The Graveyard in the Highlands of Scotland, UK.
(Easter egg: One of the tombstones has a butterfly symbol and Lisa Hamilton's name on it. XD)

Lmao I see what your doing here. :p

That was really nicely laid out though, The ideas that have been said in this thread so far would make amazing stages, A stage with rain would definitely be cool for showing of the water affects on the characters and they're clothes. The pictures really help in imagining just how the stages would look If they were included. It's gonna be so exciting to see what they do with the stages in doa6! :D I have some ideas for stages but 'm not sure about them, Seeing the one's in this thread are entertaining though.

One thing I'd say that I think Tyaren mentioned is that on the stage selection menu It showing you on a map where in the world the stage is would really add to it. And stages set across the world from Africa, America, Europe and Asia would be really great to see.


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A Scottish stage makes me really want a Scottish character in DOA like nao.
*still holding onto my headcanon that Eliot is half-Scottish although it's about as unlikely as a certain scientist being alive*
....>:I I see you too! And Eliot could actually be half Scottish I guess, I'd never thought of that but I don't know...It's possible? :p
Eliot is wearing a kilt in one of his costumes, so he is at least half-Scottish.

but that doesn't mean he's scottish though. he might just like the way kilts look??
i still want a scottish character though. >.> DOA did really boom in popularity in Scotland ever since the release of DOA5LR, almost everyone i know who plays video games regularly knows the game, and in a good way, too!


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Wish they would bring back classic stages like:

☆The Prairie
☆Helena's opera theater both normal and on fire
☆The white storm both snowy and sunny
☆The Bankostubo stage with weather changes on knockdown
☆The eternal Helix stage with the stair stage hazard
☆Kyoto in bloom at night and daytime
☆The Blanca
☆The Octagon
☆Iron Hell
☆Hellfire Stage
☆White Water Valley
☆Laboratory with the naked Kasumi clones
☆Aquarium stage from DOA3 and 2U
☆Rayhouse with remixed tracks for everyone
☆Freedom Survivor
☆Danger zone(DOA Dimensions and 2U versions)
☆Koku An
☆The Great Wall Stage from 2U
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