PlayStation Showcase for DOA6 (Wednesday 1:30PM PT)


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I like the new menus and character select. Nice and stylish and popping. :) I didn't like DOA5's gritty urban aesthetic at all.

@Tom Lee, not just the competitive DOA scene got a big scare at NEC. The wider, loyal DOA community was watching full excitement from home too and they also were hugely disappointed that day. But...apology accepted. ;)


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Hopefully they'll put recolors elsewhere by the time the game comes out, they really dont need to take up up space in the costume selection.

Hopefully someone recorded the whole thing because I literally missed it :(
It will be up on Playstations Youtube at some point, but if you want it right now you should be able to go back in the stream.


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hmm, the menu before they showed the fight had 'Holds' with 4-way seemingly as an option, I wonder if there's like a Legacy mode, where it's like old school DOA or DOA5 basically...they also showed Arcade, Team Battle, Time Attack and Survival so usual modes are back + training ad online obvs. Shame they didn't touch on why the heck are Hayate and Hayabusa fighting..

ps. Hayate should've beat Kasumi in the demo,oh well, MC syndrome, can't complain....
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