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Battle Royal Time to Pre-Register for the Big One

Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Nov 18, 2016.

By deathofaninja on Nov 18, 2016 at 5:21 PM
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    |Big E's Pre-Registration Site -- Do not waste time! The event starts Dec. 12/17-12/19|

    Team NINJA will certainly be watching the community at NEC 17 which will be the grand finale to our 2016 Battle Royal. Last year history was made within our community when JC Akira flew from Japan to destroy everyone with his vicious Akira. It was a bloody massacre.

    JC Akira Dominates Pro Player E-Mann

    Though it has been a year, and people have had time to study -- NEC 17 provides you with the proving grounds to see how much you have improved. This tournament has everything from the prize, to the prized fighter and will probably be the most competitive event the Community and Team NINJA has ever seen.

    This tournament will also probably be one of the most entertaining; not just because of the main event but because of the 3v3 Tournament... and one of the teams happens to be three Akiras (@DestructionBomb @Sly Bass and Champion JC Akira). Who is going to win against these three very different Akiras consecutively? Good luck!

    It's very important that everyone that can pre-register. We've been building this community up for years and at something as big as a Grand Finale for a tournament circuit Team NINJA has put on... this should mean everything to the community. Let's make a great turn-out for Team NINJA to see at NEC17!


Discussion in 'News' started by deathofaninja, Nov 18, 2016.

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    1. E-Mann
      "JC Akira dominates Pro player Emann." Dang..........as if I didn't already feel bad enough for losing. :'( I'm still learning too ya know.
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    2. Mr. Wah
      Mr. Wah
      Well show him what you've learned in the past year. ;)
    3. deathofaninja
      I thought it was all fun and games with you! :cool:
    4. E-Mann
      I just never seen a statement like that made about anyone else who's lost to him or anyone who's lost in general.

      I'm happy if I've learned anything considering majority of the actual good player's hardly even touch DOA. But we shall see.
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    5. KasumiLover69
      Not to be smart Mr. Emann but they did when XcaliburBladez's Eliot beat Kwiggle's Christie twice, I think it was something like Eliot conquers Christie and that was a big deal at the time like when Kwiggle's Phase 4 beat Hoodless's Rig. Love your Helena and Kokoro btw, I subscribe to your YT channel!☆
    6. E-Mann
      Oh it's fine now. Time shall tell :) As for my YT channel thanks. I only wish more of the good player's played more often but alas.
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    7. deathofaninja
      Then you haven't read much of my stuff... now I'm offended. :p
    8. E-Mann
      Whenever i get on FSD i mainly go to the character forums when I'm labbing stuff. Also who was "offended" in the first place? o_O
    9. deathofaninja
      The emoticon at the end of my sentence would insinuate that I'm poking fun at you.

      Alas, if it is true that you mainly go to the character forums you can't really back up your second comment now can you? :confused:
    10. E-Mann
      Actually i can. Once I logged into FSD that status and those words were right on the main page. I didn't have to go around and search for it. So sir don't even.
    11. Rikuto
      I mean I can't lie.... that caption is a BIT savage...
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    12. CatzDaLegit
      Ayo I want a fantasy bracket wid a prize for guessing top 8, even if all it is is the title of "master of match player knowledge."
    13. deathofaninja
      That's a great idea.
    14. iReally
      This some 21 Savage shit. Haha. Hopefully everybody redeemed themselves this time.

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