7P>6P....am I doing something wrong?

Tbh, I have a habit of doing that with my thumbnails XD I think all media I have thus far lately are pretty souped up clickbaits
Girl that's the definition of clickbait and you got me >>
Oh, so in other words just try to be as far as possible, that makes since, thank you!
Look at the thumbnail you used for that camera glitch vid lol it's very that

I've had this happen on pretty much any stage with walls so it's not just this one. The farther they are when you use her wall 7P the more success there is with BT 4P connecting which makes sense because you're closer to them
What's that supposed to mean chap?? And does it have to basically be max close distance? Because I've had another instance where after I 7Ped and tried to go for the launch, Kasumi somehow just did her normal 4PP as if she was facing forward XD. I'm thinking maybe it's just this stage but I'm not sure
I saw the thumbnail and immediately knew it was going to be a Kasumilover69 video. Anyway BT 4P misses after this all the time even on flat ground, I think it depends on the distance from the wall to the opponent
I'm gunna be honest, I clicked on this because of the thumbnail lol. I think it has something to do with the slight slope induced by the raft coupled with Kasumi's shitty hitboxes in this instance.


Jan 23, 2017 at 10:38 PM
Posted by KasumiLover
So I'm having a problem...sometime around November I've noticed that after I 7Ped from a wall and attempt to go for Kasumi's BT 6P/4P launcher, it'll occasionally not hit, and I'm literally doing it at the same speed each time, almost mashing the input XD Am I doing something wrong, I don't believe I'm put of range and I do it at roughly the same wall points every time...
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