Another Reason Why You Shouldn't Use Alpha-152 against Akira (2014-03-04)

She couldn't beat his Tetsuzankou. So she never stood a chance : (
The point is that the person obviously had no knowledge of even how the characters worked, and very minimal knowledge of the fighting system itself, so it's not exactly fair to judge him when he's not playing as seriously as you are. That's how I see it, anyway.
To be fair, when did anybody necessarily care about ~how~ they fought?

"It doesn't matter so long as you win right?" Wrong.

Being repetitive shows you don't know anything else.
To be fair, it didn't look like this guy had any inkling of a clue what he was doing. Looked like random buttons.
I get a kick when scrub's pick Alpha against Ayane as if choosing her will disadvantage Ayane in any way lol. Same with the Dojo stage. Nice stuff BTW!
Good stuff Lion. Lmao I love that picture in the description xD So awesome


Mar 5, 2014 at 11:34 AM
I understand if you get butt-hurt for losing 10 times consecutively, but that's no reason to choose Alpha-152 :alpha152: against an Akira expert. Unless you're HollowIchigo2149,
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