CLASH OF THE TITANS: Ghost Vs DestructionBomb!

@Kronin - Thanks for all the compliments XD And I know this was answered already, but the anime is Casshern Sins. What it lacks in story consistency more than makes up for it with its stunning visuals and fluid animation quality. The entire cast is extremely likeable too. It's quite the underrated gem, so I'm glad to see you're interested.

@samuraihachi - I'm glad I held off editing these clips for as long as I did or else I wouldn't have been able to add such gold to this video :U

@Sly Bass - I aim to please B)

@Desjah Rei - I was still trying to learn when to use the knees and when not to at the time. Now I've gotten a better handle of them. Hopefully once I shake off my rust, I'll be throwing out Frame-Knees like a Black Jack card dealer :V Also, I absolutely LOVE NieR and its soundtrack. Thank one of my best friends for getting me into it earlier this year XD

@DestructionBomb - There will definitely be plenty more. I still have a few good matches that's been sitting on YouTube's servers for months, as well as a few replays in my PS3's HD where I actually play with competence. Cross your fingers I don't hold it off for 6 months this time XD

@Hakkyoku-Ken:Budo Lion - Nah, my videos are just different. You're still an awesome Akira player \m/_

@VirtuaKazama - What can I say? We're almost like a dream team. Except he has tons more skill :V

@Puño de Leyenda - Thanks. I usually can't resist throwing in a North Star reference wherever I see rapid punches. Opportunity came knocking, so I took it lol
You and DestructionBomb were kicking so much ass!
Thanks for the answer XZero264 =)
Thanks for the answer XZero264 =)

Kronin. Think it's Casshern Sins.
This video is awesome ahaha :). Good ol vanilla, I was trying to improve in those times. You should make many more ghosty. Such animate pictures.
Awwww, Nier music at the end! ^^ Very entertaining, thanks for the upload, and love the artwork! Those whiffed just frame knees. lol
xDD the special effects made this so priceless. 5:30 and 10:30 made me fall off my chair. xDD Godlike stuff, Ghosty. :)
Like always awesome intro, music, gameplay, art, humour and montage of all this! You're definitely a complete artist! ;) And of course a great player of Akira too (together with your sensei DestructionBomb) :D

Sorry for my unrelated question to your badass fights, but could you say me the name of the anime in the beginning, please? XD


Mar 24, 2014 at 10:25 AM
Posted by Ghosty-J
Thought I goofed off long enough and decided to start editing this thing. So this will be the very last Vanilla DoA5 video I'll ever upload since I should have moved onto Ultimate 6 months ago D:
Ah well. Onto the order of music used in this thing!

Samurai Champloo - Haiku (Interlude)
Persona 4 - Who's There?
JJBA Battle Tendency - Propoganda
Drakengard 3 - The Empty Tone
JJBA All Star Battle - The Lonely Youth
Drakengard - Mission Select theme
NieR Gestalt & RepliCant - Shadowlord's Castle (Drums)
NieR Gestalt & RepliCant - This Dream
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