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  • Three years ago, Ketchup lost to Mayo 2-1 at Splatfest. Now, it's time to change history. It's time for the one-off Splatfest event: Mayo vs. Ketchup, on Splatoon 2!
    Going live with more Spyro Reignited Trilogy under Ripto's Rage. But first, always remember to STAY HYDRATED.
    We learned that the Flower Division sucks at acting, but are they good at combat? We'll find out in the next session of Sakura Wars (2019)!
    Smash Ultimate: It's freshly-squeezed like orange juice. With or without pulp, you ask? The answer is yes. Let's play some Smash U.
    So we need Spyro to learn how to climb ladders. Can we do it in this session? Let's find out in Spyro Reignited Trilogy!
    Before we watch the anime, we gotta play the game first. Going live with Sakura Wars (2019) (or Shin Sakura Wars if you want to call it that.)
    Four more arcade beat 'em ups to play tonight! Time for the second Beat 'em Up Edition of Obscure Game Saturdays!
    Gnorc is finished, but now it's time to kick Ripto's butt! Going live with the second Spyro game of the Reignited Trilogy: Ripto's Rage!
    After Burner? Nah, we're playing some Star Fox! Going live with more Bayonetta 2 as we wrap things up for the main story!
    After what happened last stream, I need to work on a couple of things. Let's get better in Streets of Rage 4 as we unlock the last SOR3 characters!
    It's time to take this fight to Gnorc once and for all! Let's finish the rest of Spyro 1 in Spyro Reignited Trilogy!
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