DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round Attack On Titan Stage Kasumi Guaranteed Launchers i found

There's also breakable crates that provide a stun too like in Home and and Temple of the Dragon
Unfortunately he stays :-( He can be disabled though so he won't catch you if you a PB.
Can you disable the ugly meatsack guy or is he for keeps?


Jul 18, 2016 at 10:52 PM
Posted by KasumiLover
Some guaranteed launchers i found with Kasumi and a few follow up examples. Forgive me for the fumbling beforehand, getting the dummy to the barrel is kinda tedious XD. Combos aren't anything too extravagant, just showing an example of what can be done after them. You can do more after the 3P+K~K and even other moves that have that hoshinpo to K transition, but I kinda messed up on that part, forgive me. Also forgot to do 3H+K which is a guarantee too, and your Power launcher is also a guarantee. The power blow does not work in time as far as I know.

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