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Force_of_Nature: Ahahah! Sorry, I misunderstood like always XD
J2S, nice find! I'm thinking that maybe they didn't included an alternative lose pose of Lisa, but instead they alterated the one existing in DoA5/5U for limiting the clipping.
Yes Force_of_Nature, TN stated that info various times in their early announcement of the game.
Did anyone know that Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will be in 1080P/60 FPS?
Did anyone legit scream at Honoka outro with Raidou lol "I'm so sorry ! can you stand up ?" that's to fucking cute I can't XD
4:22... Honoka gets an upgrade version of Bayman's old pp6K string? (This guard breaks... from a high jab...)

Waaaaaaaaat... Even bayman doesn't have that anymore. He better be getting it back.
Lisa's lose pose is different, The stages have better lighting, I'm really excited ^-^
fuck the costumes, new characters, and new engines just tell me one thing:

whats the status on the floor textures? They always look like every dollar in the budget went to the tittehs and with the 2cents they had left they were like .05mb resolution textures

obviously a joke gais
Why is everyone a fucking puritan nowadays?

Oooooooo tits! Spooky.
Dumb preview. :/ The pervyness was all they were stuttering about for the whole 10 minutes.
1:50: - "... now it's ... it's it's ... the ... so ... no it's it's like ... eahm emm ... remaster hd version! You know, it's Dead or Alive 5 Last Round!"
I believe that the blue outfit as a different chrome aspect on the metal part (that in his C1 appear black). His confirmed C2 has a white vest and a gold color for the cyborg parts, so I think that they alterated both the colors even for the outfit showned in this video.
Unfortunately, I use Firefox, so I don't get to see the game at 60fps via YouTube.
That'd be my main tbh, as I don't think anyone will be playing C1. That said, the chrome on the metal parts look amazing now. I hope TN made Zack's alien costumes have that effect.
Possibly, but I'd think it would be a bit silly to do that.
I think that the "Blue" could be a third outfit for him.
Raidou's clothes are now blue.


Jan 21, 2015 at 1:45 PM
Posted by Kronin
Thanks to the user cristiandoa from DOAWORLD for posting it.

Original description of the video:

Adam (@Jebusf) has been playing DoA5: Last Round on PS4 and really enjoying himself. Colm (@Colm_Ahern) won't stop trying to be rude.

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