It's faster than DOA4. Like I said, it's DOA on crack. xD

It's actually very handy trying to unlock costumes, though, since you have to play every character anywhere between 20 to 150 times to unlock all of their costumes. Turbo Mode makes it go by much faster.
I always loved the credits moment. This game is full of minor details.
I could make one with Turbo mode. The inputs have to be a tad bit fast though lol. It's fun though.
Thanks for the answer Brute! So it speeds the game up, but it results to be more or less fast than DoA4 (in my experience the more fast of the series)? I think that I will try to look for videos about the Turbo mode.
It's like in DMC3. Turbo Mode speeds the game up (I'd say about 20-33% faster). It's like DOA on crack. Your reaction times have to be incredible. I won't lie. Izuna holds are hard in turbo mode, but oh-so-satisfying.
WASHOOM-WASHOOM! *half-health gone*

Man, I want Tengu back so bad. I can't believe people have the nerve to say I wouldn't use him. What tools.
Nice video. Tengu needs to return in DoA and would be nice if this time him and Ryu could share unique Tag animations and throws: fans focused their bond in the requests for Tengu and maybe the eventual placement of Bankotsubo under the icon of Ryu could be a sign for a future such interaction between the two characters... (but until now Marie Rose has no unique Tag elements).

By the way, what was the difference between Turbo and Normal mode?
the Senko Kick used to throw me off so much, I would actually try to press hold to do it when you need to press throw xD
My method of doing Izunas actually works perfectly in this game as well. The holds are obviously considerably easier due to being regular holds and having a longer active window, but other than that, same principle. It should be noted however that the "tag Izuna" is far more difficult than any of the other throw/hold ones (by "tag Izuna, I'm referring to calling Ryu in by doing a tag throw with your tag partner, causing him to do a senko-like Izuna). The timing is much stricter.

I've actually been playing Ryu/Tengu tag a lot since I got Hardcore, lol. Good team.
I don't think there is buffering on the Izunas in DOA2/2U because they work verydifferently in these games.

Now I want to do my own Tengu/Hayabusa tag video in 2U (even though I can't play Tengu)
I tried in this game and it doesn't want to come out. Not sure if the buffering is different on tag. And yeah it does ahaha.
#DBombCan'tSenko :D
This game is sooo different from 2U it's amazing haha
Ahaha I purposely put it on english because of how hilarious it is lol.
Lol. I'm a tag. And I love the "milanotbornyet" tag.

But my God, those voices! How could you not use the amazingness of Osamu Saka?
Ahh didn't know that! lol!

He feels really great in this game. He really does.
He's so simple, yet so brutal.
Dude, just do Team Battle Mode and set your team to have only person. Boom. VS mode against random AI opponent. :D

Isn't Hayabusa amazing in this game though?


Apr 21, 2014 at 7:47 PM
Posted by DestructionBomb
Unfortunately I can't play the CPU via versus mode solo, so I'm forced to do tag, he doesn't have a story mode either. Sorry for the bad gameplay...I was too used to 5/5U so I completely forgot how to play this.
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