DOA5LR: Ayane (Verity) vs Lei Fang

Let me know when that happens and we'll do some sessions if you're interested. In the mean time if there is anything you want to know regarding Ayane (including critique), let know me. You will definitely need oki at the wall though. Because you will lose all of your momentum without it. Wall juggle into 2H+K for wall oki isn't wall oki.
Nope, just a xbox one, but im going to get a PS4 between october and nov. DOA on live is pretty dull and boring.
So that's your current name, I see. Are on PS4 by chance?


Sep 11, 2015 at 11:33 PM
Posted by Radiance
Ayane; another character that baffles me. Players argue that in DOA a character can be played however you want depending on your opponents play style. I guess she's more of the defensive style although online I've run into Ayane players who try to play a rush style with her, although I think realistically offline between high level players that doesn't work because of how unsafe she is. Which i'm trying to rely on the defensive style. I don't think I'm actually going to play her, I just want to get an idea of how she works for myself. With 46H and 64H along with her zoning capabilities anyone who can master her ability to zone/condition can be a great Ayane player. You just have to be a player who can make quick mental notes; adaption is the key. Also controlling her movement, not easy, someone playing her sloppy and leaving her back open can quickly get whiff punished.
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